Documentary and Commercial Production House

We specializes in producing short documentaries and social media videos for companies and non-profits. We get to the heart of every story through compelling visuals, deep character development and strong narrative.

We are

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Unscripted stories that capture the spirit

of people, places and evens in the heartland. We like to tell stories that help audiences connect with a new point of view.


1-3 minute videos that can be posted on your website and shared on social media. We focus on telling stories that pull the viewer in and connect them to your brand.


5-10 minute videos that can be shared at events and published online. With branded docs we convey the vision, history and culture of your company though the deep storytelling and cinematic language of documentary film. 


We make music videos that capture the essence of your sound through poetic imagery, storytelling and editing. 


Real, emotional and thought

provoking, we make short and feature-length documentaries that challenge us to change how we see ourselves and the world around us.

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