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Bring it Home at Sedona International Film Festival!

We are excited to share that our feature documentary, Bring it Home was accepted into the Sedona International Film Festival in Arizona!

It's great to see the film is still relevant a year after its national broadcast on America Reframed. We hope the film continues to shed light on the human impact plant closures have on families and communities as the EV industry starts to emerge.

The film will screen Thursday at 1:10pm at the Harkins Theatre 2 and Saturday, Feb 26 at 10am at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. After the Thursday screening there will be a live Q&A with director Carl Kriss and Producer Margie Glick.

Visit the SIFF website for updates about the festival and to buy tickets:

If you live in Arizona or are able to make it out to the festival we hope to see you there!

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